Scarlet (scarletscarlet) wrote in riddle_esque,

Hiya - orpheus_samhain recc'd this community to me for posting a picture of Merope Gaunt I drew recently. So, erm, here it is :).

Title: Merope
Artist: scarletscarlet
Rating: G
Media: PS and rickety old Aiptek tablet
A/N: Usually I draw R+ rated pics of the present-day lads, but I couldn't get Merope out of my head one evening. I sketched this up using some nice wee brushes that behave a bit like pencils or markers depending on the settings. It was a deliberate attempt at a style change to emphasis her fragility and giant belly ("full of evil", as someone has commented :D). I've taken a great big liberty with the timeline - she should not be that pregnant and still have the locket. The minimal colouring seemed to suit her. She's interesting, actually - I have a big soft spot for Merope, and might have to revisit her sometime.


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